"It’s all backhanders and baksheesh like Winnie Mandela"
Winnie Mandela
Public DomainWinnie Mandela

  Winnie Mandela is the ex-wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela, and a fervent member of the African National Congress party. During the 1980s her team of bodyguards, the Mandela United Football Club, were widely suspected of carrying out numerous acts of brutality, including the kidnap and murder of 14-year-old activist Stompei Seipei Moketsi.

Winne Mandela was charged with assault and kidnap in 1991.  She appealed against the six year prison sentence and it was eventually reduced to a fine.

More controversy followed in 1995, when she was accused of awarding three building contracts to the company Professional Builders, in exchange for kickbacks.  Her home and offices in Soweto were raided by the fraud squad.