Page 201. " done up like Marianne Faithfull and about to interview Alan Yentob "
Marianne Faithfull
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMarianne Faithfull - Credit: Tsui

 Marianne Faithfull is an English singer and actress whose relationship with Mick Jagger in the 1960s earned her considerable notoriety.

Married with two children, Alan Yentob, a British television producer with an extensive knowledge of culture and the arts, is an unlikely candidate for 'Suddenly Single'.

Page 210. " The woman who wrote The Rector’s Wife "
Joanna Trollope
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeJoanna Trollope - Credit: The Spider Hill

 Joanna Trollope is an English author, whose novels often examine contemporary domestic life in Britain.



Page 212. " ‘Oh darling, I don’t know. Probably both of them,’ she said in the special, breathy voice she reserves when she thinks she is Diana Dors. "

Diana Dors was a voluptuous English actress, whose blonde winsome looks earned her undisputable sex symbol status.



Page 213. " I do think Michael Howard is somewhat unfairly maligned "
Michael Howard
Creative Commons AttributionMichael Howard - Credit: Steve Punter

 Michael Howard is a Conservative MP and former Home Secretary, responsible for policing and justice.  He was famously described by a fellow Tory minister as "having something of the night about him", and his Romanian roots have led to Dracula caricatures in the press.

He became leader of the Conservative party in 2003, and fought the 2005 general election with an aggressively anti-immigration platform  and the mildly spooky slogan, "Are you thinking what we're thinking?"  He didn't win.



Page 214. " Frank Skinner and Sir Richard Rogers on furry seats "
Frank Skinner
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFrank Skinner - Credit: friendsofthestars
 Frank Skinner is an English stand-up comedian with a number of TV projects to his name, including his own chat show. If Richard's vision is realised, he will be joined in the studio by Sir Richard Rogers, a British architect with a keen interest in urban sustainability and a host of original designs to his name, including the controversial Millenium Dome (now O2 Arena).

The dole is a slang term for unemployed people who claim benefits from the government.

Page 217. " About to go on date with Diet Coke-esque young whippersnapper. "

 Diet Coke launched an immensely successful advertising campaign which featured a handsome young man being spied on by a group of female office workers, all of whom got slightly over-excited when watching him down tools and take a provocative swallow of his favourite soft drink.


Page 217. " the intellectual dexterity of a Fellow of All Souls "

All Souls College
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAll Souls College - Credit: Richard Gallagher
 All Souls College is a graduate-only college in Oxford University.  Its members are all Fellows, meaning that they are automatically part of the college's governing body.

The college has a ferociously impressive reputation for academic genius, even by the high standards of the University.