Page 227. " huge, detached wedding cake-style mansion on the other side of Holland Park Avenue "
Holland Park
Creative Commons AttributionHolland Park - Credit: Esteban

On the "other side of Holland Park Avenue" lies Holland Park itself, home to an opera company, a troupe of peacocks and a rather fine orangery.  This is the heart of Kensington, a very smart and pleasant part of London.

The late Harold Pinter was a much admired English playwright and actor.

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Page 228. " I had bought Malcolm and Elaine a copy of Perry Como love songs from the year they were married, plus a Bodyshop Terracotta Essential Oil Burner "


The Body Shop
Public DomainThe Body Shop

The Body Shop is an environmentally and socially responsible cosmetic franchise, which specialises in beauty products made from natural ingredients. 

A familiar face amongst fans of easy listening, Perry Como's singing career began in 1943, spanning 5 decades and producing numerous hit singles, as well as a successful weekly television series.




Page 229. " exaggerating her lip movements like Les Dawson "

 The late Les Dawson was a popular English comedian and television presenter, well-known for his inventive facial expressions. Cissie and Ada, two of his best-loved characters, were caricature housewives with delusions of grandeur, much like Bridget's mother.



Page 231. " sitting next to a stunning Shakira Caine look-alike "

Shakira Caine,a model, is married to the British actor Michael Caine.

Picture of the stunning Shakira Caine

Page 231. " the miracle of Indian statues of Ganesh the Elephant God taking in milk "
Public DomainGanesha - Credit: Arnab Dutta
On 21 September 1995, Hindu worshippers in New Delhi were astounded by the news that a statue of the god Ganesha, when offered a spoonful of milk, had appeared to absorb the liquid.  Similar occurrences were soon reported across the country and, by the end of the day, across the world.


Page 233. " where people drown in lakes "
Public DomainRhododendrons

Even in her champagne-infused state, Bridget's literary credentials shine through.  Rhododendrons are mentioned in D.H. Lawrence's 1915 novel, The Rainbow:

Maggie's people, the Schofields, lived in the large gardener's cottage, that was half a farm, behind Belcote Hall... In the morning, a covering of snow weighed on the rhododendron bushes.

In 1920 the sequel, Women in Love, was published. It focuses on the third generation of the Brangwen family chronicled in The Rainbow, sisters Ursula and Gudrun. Gudrun has a relationship with Gerald, heir to an impressive estate.  On it is a lake in which his sister drowns.


Page 233. " They were playing Viennese waltzes "

Listen on Spotify:

Blue Danube by Johann Strauss

Roses from the South by Johann Strauss

The Merry Widow by Franz Lehar



Page 235. " if I had to sleep with Douglas Hurd, Michael Howard or Jim Davidson "

To help you choose:

Michael Howard? Home Secretary at the time

Douglas Hurd?  Foreign Secretary at the time

Or Jim Davidson?  Disreputable comedian... still

Michael Howard
Creative Commons AttributionMichael Howard - Credit: Steve Punter
Douglas Hurd
Creative Commons AttributionDouglas Hurd - Credit: Steve Punter

Picture of the risqué Jim Davidson

Page 239. " You have noticed the Isabella Rossellini trial, haven’t you? "


Isabella Rossellini
Creative Commons AttributionIsabella Rossellini - Credit: Jarvin


A succesful Italian actress, born into an acting dynasty, Isabella Rossellini has never been on trial.

Page 240. " Was hanging around outside the High Court for ages "
The Royal Courts of Justice
Creative Commons AttributionThe Royal Courts of Justice - Credit: Anthony M., Flickr

Dealing mainly with high-profile libel and civil liability cases, the High Court of Justice is a civil court situated within the Royal Courts on the Strand in London, with district registries throughout the country.  Most cases are heard by a single judge with no jury.

Criminal cases are heard by the Crown Court.





Page 244. " subtle-as-a-Frankie-Howerd-sexual-innuendo-style irony "

One of the stars of Carry On..., a series of British comedy films, Frankie Howerd was a performer and comedian who developed his own exaggerated style when delivering a double entendre.


Page 246. " ready for BBC Pride and Prejudice "

Bridget Jones's Diary is loosely based on Pride and Prejudice, with Daniel Cleaver and Julio jointly taking the various roles of Wickham, Mark Darcy of course representing Mr Darcy, and - bizarrely - Bridget's mother standing in for flirtatious little Lydia.

The BBC's 1995 TV adaptation, starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, was a huge hit.  The nation got particularly excited when this scene was broadcast:


A great sport, Colin Firth who played Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, went on to play Mark Darcy in the Bridget Jones movies.

Page 248. " ‘Come on! Come on! Rosemary West!’ "

In 1995, Rosemary West was found guilty of assisting her husband Fred West, in the sexual assault and murder of 10 young women at their home in Gloucester. One of these young women was the couple's daughter. 

Picture of Rosemary West

Page 248. " I’m thinking Jeanette Winterson "


Jeanette Winterson
GNU Free Documentation LicenseJeanette Winterson - Credit: Mariusz Kubik
 Jeanette Winterson is a British novelist whose first novel, Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, is the story of a girl who begins a relationship with another teenage girl.  When discovered, she is subjected to repeated exorcism attempts by her mother's religious community.