Page 153. " The Salvation Army Citadel marked with its battlements "
Salvation Army
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The Salvation Army is a Protestant denomination of the Christian Church, founded in 1865 by William Booth. It was set up to provide religious guidance and social services for the disadvantaged, whose needs Booth felt were not being met by religious providers at the time.

Page 169. " He stared like Narcissus into his pool "
An exceptionally handsome young man, Narcissus was punished for his continual vanity by falling in love with his own reflection as he admired it in a pool. Unable to tear his gaze away, he eventually starved to death.
Page 170. " the mist like seven devils went in "

Considered a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, Mary Magdalene is first mentioned in the New Testament, where it is suggested that Jesus rid her of seven demons. There is some discrepancy over what these demons actually were, some scholars believe she was cured of sickness, others forgiven for her sins. Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Christ resurrected.

Page 170. " she was on the seventh plane "

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The concept of seven planes of existence can be found in a number of religious and esoteric teachings - the seventh or divine plane is the highest and final stage of being.

Page 173. " then consulted a Who's Who. "
The Who's Who began publishing anually in 1849, and is a collection of reference guides to various groups of people, such as actors or artists. Those included are considered to be 'of note' and to be mentioned is something of an accolade.
Page 174. " with a Tuileries air "

Tuileries Palace was built on the banks of the River Seine, Paris in 1564. It became the chief residence of Napoleon in 1799, who had the entire building decorated in the imposing Neoclassical Empire style, which favoured detail and formality and was inspired by the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Rome.