Page 51. " In Nelson Place from which she had emerged "

Nelson Place was in a poverty-stricken area of Brighton that was being considered for slum clearance at the time the novel was written.

It was finally demolished in the late 1930s.

Page 52. " A crooner in a dinner jacket "

Originating in America, a crooner was a male singer known for giving overly sentimental or ostentatious performances. Consequently, the term was considered something of an insult amongst musicians.


Page 53. " Gracie Fields funning "

An immensely popular and staunchly working class singer and comedienne, Dame Gracie Fields began her career touring music halls in the 1920s.

She made several trips abroad to entertain the troops during World war 2.

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Page 54. " Agnus dei qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem "

An invocation to the 'Lamb of God' - the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to atone for human sin - 'Agnus Dei' is recited or sung during Catholic Mass.

The English translation is: 'Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.'

Page 60. " The vast shadow of the viaduct. "
London Road Viaduct
Creative Commons AttributionLondon Road Viaduct - Credit: neilhooting

The London Road viaduct was built in the 1840s and remains in constant use. A Grade II listed, red brick building, the viaduct is 67ft high in places.


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Page 67. " Napoleon the Third used to have this room "

Louis Napoleon-Bonaparte was the ruler of the Second French Empire from 1852 until 1870, when France lost a defining war against Prussia. Paris was besieged and the Emperor forced to flee to England with his Spanish wife, the former Countess Eugenie de Montijo and their son, Napoleon Eugene.

The family lived at Camden Place in Chislehurst, Kent, and spent the summer of 1872 in Brighton and Cowes to aid his failing health.

Page 70. " You're too young to run a racket if you ask me "

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeRazor - Credit: Dr.K
A protection racket is an illegal business run by a gang that demands a fee from business owners and other vulnerable parties in exchange for protection. If this fee is not paid then the gang will commit the crimes they had previously been hired to prevent.