Page 26. " Don't bring Lulu "
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The song inspired by Metaxas's daughter: Don't bring Lulu

Page 30. " A poodle amongst wolves "
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Public DomainMetaxas

Ioannis Metaxas, dictator of Greece from 1936 to 1941, bore a number of similarities to his fellow fascists, Mussolini and Hitler.   He sought to create a Third Hellenic Civilisation, and required all children to join the fascistic National Youth.  

Page 36. " Arsenios ruminated bitterly behind the iconostasis "
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GNU Free Documentation LicenseIconostasis - Credit: Ferengi, Wikimedia Commons

One of the main differences between Orthodox churches and Western churches is the presence of an iconostasis, a screen separating the nave from the sanctuary, formed of religious paintings or icons.  


Page 46. " The funny cat "
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Pine Marten
GNU Free Documentation LicensePine Marten - Credit: Dani Kropivnik
 Pine martens ( Martes martes ) are found in Europe and North America.   They live mostly in trees, and are nocturnal by habit.   They feed on small animals, berries and eggs.   They belong to the weasel family.