Page 376. " The barbarity of the civil war "
by hector

The Greek civil war lasted from 1944 to 1949.   When Britain restored the Greek government after the retreat of the German occupying forces, it was opposed by the Communist EAM and its military arm, ELAS.   The government was backed by Britain and America, while ELAS received support from Tito in Yugoslavia.   Following a split with the Soviet Union, Tito ceased his support for ELAS in July 1948, leading to the collapse of the Greek communist effort.

Page 377. " in the hope of hearing "
by hector

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  Non Ti Scordar Di Me

  Core 'Ngrato

  Parlami d'Amore Mariu

  La Donna e Mobile

  Torna a Surriento

  O Mio Babbino Caro

Page 382. " Solid stone walls rippled like paper in the wind "
by hector

Between 9th and 14th August 1953, a massive earthquake shattered Cephallonia.   Entire villages were destroyed, along with the vast majority of houses.   600 people were killed.   Many of the survivors emigrated to find a better life elsewhere.   Britain, America, Norway and France were among the countries that contributed considerable amounts of aid to the stricken island.


Page 399. " The wedding day was nonetheless delightful "
by hector

Greek Wedding
Creative Commons AttributionGreek Wedding - Credit: Steven Parker, Flickr
 Wedding customs in Greece include a red veil, representing fire, and a sugar lump to ensure a sweet life for the bride.   The bride and groom wear gold crowns, linked together by a silk ribbon.