Page 51. " When he entered the kaphenion "
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Creative Commons AttributionKaphenion - Credit: margaretha_hopfner, Flickr
The kaphenion is the local pub/bar/cafe in Greek villages and towns.  Traditionally, they have catered primarily to men.

Page 53. " Kokolios stuffed his nargiles contentedly "
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Creative Commons AttributionNargile - Credit: Rui Ornelas, Flickr
The nargile, also known as a hubble bubble, hookah or sheesha, is a water pipe common to Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

Page 56. " The bastards have sunk the Elli "
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The Elli was the 2,600 ton Greek light cruiser sunk by the Italian navy at Tinos before any declaration of war.   She was built in the United States, and served in World War One.

Nine sailors were killed and 24 wounded.

Page 62. " Since when did brigands have machine guns? "
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Greek Troops in Albania
Public DomainGreek Troops in Albania
Little evidence exists to clarify the situation at the beginning of the Greek-Italian war .   The Italian army accused Greek militants of attacking border posts on the Albanian side, but these accusations were always denied.  



Time report on the outbreak of war, 4 November 1940.

Greco-Italian War

Page 66. " not worth marrying unless she carries property on her back "
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Traditionally, dowries have played an important part in Greek weddings.   The dowry might include gold, silver, jewels, as well as embroidered linen and clothing.   The dowry generally remained the property of the wife, although the husband would decide how it was used.   Fathers, like Dr Iannis, who refused to provide a dowry, could be sued by their daughters.

Time magazine article (17/1/77)  

Page 71. " The island had been a prodigy of wonders "
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St Gerasimos
Public DomainSt Gerasimos
 St Gerasimos (1506-1579) is the patron saint of Cephallonia.  He dwelt on the island for much of his life, including five years spent in a cave.  His body is held at the monastery dedicated to him, and is said never to have decomposed.

His feast day is 16 August.