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by hector

Oxhi Day
Public DomainOxhi Day
The day Greece entered the Second World War.  An alternative account of this historic moment is given in Ten Days to Destiny: The Battle for Crete, 1941 .  

Greeks still celebrate Oxhi Day  on 28 October.


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by hector

Ioannis Metaxas, 1871-1941
Public DomainIoannis Metaxas, 1871-1941
Ioannis Metaxas is remembered chiefly as a dictator who try to take Greece down the same path as fascist Italy and Germany, however his courageous stance in the face of the Italian ultimatum and the success of the ensuing Greek military campaign won him a lasting place in the hearts of many Greeks.   Biographies include:

The Metaxas Myth  by Marina Petrakis

Popular Autocracy in Greece, 1936-1941: A Political Biography of General Ioannis Metaxas   Editor: P.J. Vatikiotis