"followed by cherries jubilee for dessert and then steaming cups of fresh coffee with Benedictine and brandy"

Cherries Jubilee
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCherries Jubilee - Credit: Stu Spivack
Cherries jubilee is a dessert made from cherries and liqueur (often Kirschwasser) that is flambéed and poured over vanilla ice cream. The great French chef Auguste Escoffier is supposed to have created it in honor of one of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations -- either her 50th in 1887 or her 60th in 1897.

As an adjective, Benedictine could refer to anything coming from a spiritual community of monks that follows the Rule of St. Benedict, but in this context it refers to an herbal liqueur beverage invented by Alexandre Legrand in 1863. He was trying to recreate an aromatic herbal beverage reportedly used by Benedictine monks in the Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy but lost during the French Revolution.

70 cl bottle of Bénédictine
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike70 cl bottle of Bénédictine - Credit: Chriusha (Хрюша)
The recipe for Bénédictine (80 proof) contains a mixture of 27 plants and spices and is a closely guarded trade secret supposedly known to only three people at any given time. The company also produces “B&B” (for Bénédictine and Brandy), which is an 86 proof commercial version of what Milo has been mixing up and serving to the troops in his mess hall.

In other words, this is one fulsome meal.