"There’s a relatively new network not far from Limoges"
Philippe Liewer
Public DomainPhilippe Liewer - Credit: Nigel Perrin

It was while setting up a later network in Limoges that Violette Szabo was captured.  She was inserted with another SOE agent named Phillippe Liewer to set up the "Salesman II" circuit.

Liewer's original Salesman circuit, in the Rouen area, had been compromised and abandoned following a damage assessment by Szabo

Liewer stayed on after Szabo's arrest and assisted a communist resistance group in sabotage operations.  He was awarded the Military Cross and the Croix de Guèrre after the war.

 Another Limoges SOE agent was Muriel Byck, a Jewish WAAF recruited in 1943.  Like "Hercule" in the book, she operated from a garage.  Her wireless transmitter was set up in a shed just behind the repair shop to which German soldiers brought their vehicles.  She was never caught, but died of meningitis in 1944, aged 25.