"they've taken over the entire country"

Spooked by Allied successes in North Africa, and fearing an imminent invasion of southern France, on 11 November 1942 the German army broke the terms of the 1940 Armistice and occupied the southern Vichy zone as well.

Nimbus Libéré image
Public DomainNimbus Libéré image - Credit: Golden Age Cartoons

To maintain control, the Nazis used some surprising subject matter for propaganda purposes.  In 1944 they made a cartoon called Nimbus Libéré, depicting a man listening to the radio in German-occupied France and hearing that his country is about to be liberated.  The radio broadcaster is a Jewish caricature. The US Air Force is manned by a host of American cartoon characters such as Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Popeye.

The man’s house is bombed: the Americans have destroyed those they came to save.