"They're taking Jews from everywhere, foreign, French, it doesn't matter."
French Star of David
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFrench Star of David - Credit: Olve Utne

The Vichy collaboration in the deportation and ultimate extermination of Jews was going on long before the German army entered the Free Zone.  But in the early days, French Jews tended to be spared.  That leniency came to an end in November 1942.  Nevertheless many French civilians risked their lives to hide Jewish friends.

Even before the deportations began, Jews in France were forced to wear yellow stars, and were barred from many professions.

In 2009, the Council of State, France's highest court, finally acknowledged the nation's guilt in facilitating the deportations without coercion from the Occupier.  President Jacques Chirac had already admitted as much in 1995, saying, "These dark hours forever sully our history and are an insult to our past and our traditions".



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