"Remember Mers el Kebir! Remember Dunkirk!"

This anti-British propaganda poster plays on two wartime incidents in which Britain was perceived to put her own interests ahead of those of France:

The French Fleet under attack at Mers el Kebir
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe French Fleet under attack at Mers el Kebir - Credit: Jacques Mulard

1.  Mers-el-Kébir was the port in Algeria where the largest squadron of French warships was stationed when France signed the Armistice with Germany in June 1940.  Concerned that the French fleet might fall into German hands, Britain issued the following ultimatum:

It is impossible for us, your comrades up to now, to allow your fine ships to fall into the power of the German enemy... the French Fleet now at Mers el Kebir and Oran shall act in accordance with one of the following alternatives;

(a) Sail with us and continue the fight until victory against the Germans.

(b) Sail with reduced crews under our control to a British port...

If you refuse these fair offers, I must with profound regret, require you to sink your ships within 6 hours.

Finally, failing the above, I have the orders from His Majesty's Government to use whatever force may be necessary to prevent your ships from falling into German hands.

No agreement was reached, and on 3 July the Royal Navy opened fire, destroying the French ships and killing 1,297 French sailors.

2.  Dunkirk was the northern French port from which the British Expeditionary Force was evacuated by an extraordinary armada of small boats, following the Fall of France.  123,000 French soldiers were evacuated alongside around 200,000 British.  Nevertheless, 40,000 men - many of them French - were left behind.  Some French therefore viewed the evacuation as a betrayal.  

Public Domain"Pressure from Above" - Source: Der Stürmer, #30/1944 - Credit: Randall Bytwerk 2008

This is a different Nazi poster depicting the same German obsession: a Jewish conspiracy controlling the actions of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.