"You could have joined the WAAF, if you wanted to do something for the war. Or the FANYs."
by cm


WAAF Recruitment Poster
Public DomainWAAF Recruitment Poster - Credit: Crown Copyright

WAAF: Women’s Auxiliary Air Force

In anticipation of the coming war, the WAAF was formed on 28 June 1939, merging a number of pre-existing women's units.  WAAFs stayed on the ground, working in communications, radar, meteorology, operations planning, parachute packing and transport.  By 1943, 180,000 WAAFs had enlisted.


FANY: First Aid Nursing Yeomanry

Set up in 1907 as an all-women first aid unit linking the front line with field hospitals, the Yeomanry was so-called because its members were orginally on horseback.  Later, FANYs drove ambulances and military vehicles, and provided technical support to other units.