I read the book CLAN by David P Elliot in three sessions! Normally, I am not a fast reader, but that novel is a real page-turner and utterly captivating! Once you start reading it, you just can’t put it down!

The story is told by a middle-aged, more or less frustrated Oxfordshire businessman who embarks on an epic journey up to the Scottish Borders, where he hopes to find out more about his ancestors, the mighty Elliot Clan. Not long after arrival, he and his family – his daughter, son-in-law and beloved grandson who joined him on his trip – get sucked into a heart stopping plot that started some 700 years ago... this novel is a fascinating amalgamation of historical facts and figures, the author’s biography and supernatural fiction! Highly recommended to everyone who is interested in Scotland’s eventful history, supernatural fiction and of course to the descendants of the proud Border Reiver Clan – the Elliots.

An amazing book full of passion, suspense and emotion – brilliantly researched by the author. Also available as audio-book – read by the author himself. Almost nine hours of suspenseful listening which sends shivers down one’s spine and gave me goosebumps.


The story of ‘CLAN’ is told through the eyes of David Elliot, who at 57 years of age is alone, frustrated and with three failed marriages behind him. When in 2007 he finds himself out of work he goes to the Borders of Scotland to seek some validation of his life through his bloodline, the notorious “Border Reiver” Elliot Clan.

Accompanied by his daughter, son-in-law and beloved grandson Thomas, far from resolving issues, he finds that he has led his family into terrifying danger as 700 years of Scottish Border history and the myth and reality of “The Bloodiest Valley in Britain” combine to threaten all he holds dear in his life.

The corruption of the rich and powerful meets legend as Good and Evil clash for the ancient throne of Scotland and power in the modern world.

William Wallace (“Braveheart”), Robert the Bruce, Border Reivers, creatures of supernatural horror and past heroes of the Elliot Clan are all involved as the Master of Hermitage Castle, the evil Lord, William de Soulis, actions his plan to assume power over an unsuspecting World.

All that stands against him is an ordinary family fighting desperately to protect a child.

Their only weapon is the love of family... the power of their ‘Clan’.

This story is a must for all Elliots (whichever of the 70 spellings of that name that derive from Scotland you use) but also anyone of border descent or anyone interested in the history and myths of the Scottish Borders.


“It’s a great read. In his youth, my father (Sir Arthur Eliott 11th Baronet of Stobs) and some friends tried to stay the night in Hermitage, but they were driven out by 10 p.m.”

Madam Margaret Eliott of Redheugh, Clan Chief of the Elliots

“Starting with a deceptively calm insight into the domestic life and troubles of the middle aged, jaded business man with three failed relationships behind him and nothing much to look forward to, the narrative transports the reader to the wild border country where past and present seem to fuse through the machinations of a 21st century crook and an ancient, evil, trapped spirit who has vile designs on Elliot's innocent grandson. Evil influences and horrific battles between this fiend and the ordinary family from Oxfordshire leave the reader shaken and riveted. The juxtaposition of the ordinary with the supernatural hooks the reader and draws them to the shocking conclusion. This book caused family rows in our happy home - I was too involved in the story to talk to my own family”

Joy Gleeson

“I have read this book and I must say I have never read anything like it! It is a fascinating story with elements of history, horror, political power games and the author's autobiography which I found very touching. I could not put the book down until I finished it. A new dimension of novel!”

Monika Becker

For those who like a really good read, this is the ripping yarn with a strong element of historical truth. The author has really researched his subject. It will excite and frighten you at the same time.

Peter W Scribens

 This is a fascinating story bringing myth, legend, supernatural, historical and corporate politics together in a compelling and thrilling drama. The graphical way in which the characters, both historical and fictitious, are brought to life, makes you feel you are in amongst the action. This book combines reality and fiction in such a way you find yourself questioning where the borders really lie. I look forward to Mr Elliot's next thrilling read.

David C Robson