‘CLAN’ is a fictional novel, set primarily in the Borders of Scotland which spans a 700 year period from the early 14th Century to the present day.

The story tells of a frustrated and jaded modern business man in his late 50’s, David Elliot, who after 3 failed marriages and finding himself once more out of work, suffers a mid-life crisis and embarks on a trip to The Borders to seek some validation of his life through his ancestry.

Accompanied by his daughter, son-in-law and 18 month old grandchild, a journey of family history research leads to an encounter with a strange old man who initially appears a harmless local character but who begins to take an undue interest in the child, Thomas.

Gradually he draws the family into an incredible tale which encompasses the real history of the region, once known as “The bloodiest valley in Britain”, and includes legends of Scottish history, such as William Wallace (“Braveheart”), Robert the Bruce and a lesser known, but equally real, historical character William de Soulis, who during his lifetime had a reputation for evil.

Whilst this strange character Thomas Truman’s stories become more bizarre and drift from acknowledged history to tales of the supernatural and horror; the secretive and hugely powerful Soulis Foundation led by the ruthless and charismatic Andrea Dettori and a modern set of conspirators including a beautiful and rich East Coast banker, Columbian drugs lord, media giant, Russian oligarch and political “fixer” are planning to hijack the World’s economy.

The Foundation was created by Dettori at the behest of William de Soulis who died nearly 700 years earlier and is trapped in spirit form in the family castle, Hermitage. Only Dettori has ever met Soulis, who saved Dettori 30 years earlier in an encounter with Soulis’ familiar a mythical Scottish creature called a Red Cap.

Soulis needs a worthy alternative to replace him in Hermitage so he can return to the real World and assume control through the Foundation Dettori has built for him.  The intended replacement is Elliot’s grandchild, Thomas, who is a direct descendent of his ancient enemies.