"Double L and single T, The Elliots of Minto and Wolfelee. The double T and single L, The Eliotts that in Stobs do dwell. Single L and single T The Eliots of St Germains be. But Double L and Double T, the De'l may ken wha' they may be."

Clan Map of West & Middle Marches
Public DomainClan Map of West & Middle Marches
Map that shows major border clan locations in the West and Middle Marches in the Borders. In the centre in blue - Hermitage Castle and the Elliots.




Elliot Locations in Borders
Public DomainElliot Locations in Borders
Shown in red on this map some of the major Elliot areas in the Borders including places such as Stobs, Lariston, Minto, Wolfelee etc..