"I was level with a lawnmower contraption when a shaggy giant in groundsman's overalls rose from the Earth like Ye Greene Knycht. "
from the original manuscript (artist and author unknown)
Public Domainfrom the original manuscript (artist and author unknown)

A reference to the fourteenth-century alliterative poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,  in which a huge green man rides into Sir Arthur's court, insults the nobles there gathered, then challenges one of King Arthur's knights to a seemingly suicidal dare.  Sir Gawain chivalrously steps up, decapitates the giant who simply gathers up his head only to remind him that in taking up the challenge he must now present himself for the return blow a year and a day hence. The Middle English is not impossible to decipher, although less intrepid readers would do well to read Simon Armitage's lively modern version.