"Her furry fawn rubs up against my Narnian-sized lamp-post and mothballs..."
Victorian lamp post in Malvern - in operation since 1856
Creative Commons AttributionVictorian lamp post in Malvern - in operation since 1856 - Credit: Hannah Donovan

Narnia is a fictional world in C.S. Lewis's series of children's books collectively known as The Chronicles of Narnia. Legend has it that C.S. Lewis was walking back from a Malvern pub with Tolkien one snowy evening when he was arrested by the sight of a solitary lamp post shining out against the darkness. This prompted him to remark that he'd like somehow to work the image into a book. Certainly a perenially lit lamp post - much like those that still operate in Malvern today - stands as the one reassuringly constant landmark in the shadowy world of Narnia. It is probable that Mitchell, who was brought up in Malvern, stumbled across the Lewis/Malvern connection whilst still a child. Typical of the irreverent Cavendish to transform an innocent icon of magic into a symbol of crude desire.