"there are redwoods not sixty minutes from here that were mature when Nebuchadnezzar was on his throne."
'Del Norte Titan', the third largest coast redwood.
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike'Del Norte Titan', the third largest coast redwood. - Credit: Mario D. Vaden

Nebuchadnezzar I, the king of the Babylonian Empire, lived from about 1125 BC. to 1103 BC. Redwood is the name normally given to the Sequoia, an evergreen tree that lives for up to two thousand two hundred years. They may be found in coastal California and count among the tallest trees in the world. General Sherman (pictured) is the tallest in the world and is named after a General from the American Civil War. This seventy four metre Giant Sequoia is dated between 2300 and 2700 years old.