"Evenin' catched us up early so we tented on the southly bank o'Sloosha's Crossin', cos Waipio river was furyin' with days o' hard rain an' swollen by a spring tide. "

Waipio River runs through Waipio Valley (see pictures here), the largest valley on The Big Island of Hawaii and the southern most of the Nine Valleys. The coast running alongside the valley is often used by film production companies and was used as one of the settings towards the end of the ill fated movie Waterworld. Waipi'o means 'curved water' in the native language, and indeed the river 'curves' its way through the valley and into the ocean on the northeastern side of the island. The valley itself is often referred to as the Valley of the Kings because it has been the home to many Hawaiian rulers. It is regarded as a sacred valley and is said to bestow a kind of mystical safety upon all those who dwell within it, and in fact despite being hit once by a major tsunami and later by severe flooding, no fatalities were recorded. If you scroll towards the bottom right of the map you can also see Honokaa from which Zachry has just come.   

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