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Hull, England
A panorama of monotone Hull
GNU Free Documentation LicenseA panorama of monotone Hull - Credit: David Milner

Timothy Cavendish goes into exile in Hull.

Located at the edge of the Humber estuary, the City of Kingston-upon-Hull is a fishing port boasting the Humber Bridge (from which a legion of hapless folk jump each year), the po-faced poet of despair Philip Larkin, and the street brawling ex-Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Hull is, perhaps unfairly, the butt of many an English joke and is known for its comparatively low standards of living; high crime, teenage pregnancy and unemployment rates; bleak urban landscape; and the stench of fish that permeates the air. It can claim pole position in that most venerable of publications Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK Lying in his soiled cot, the infantilized Cavendish may have had time to reflect upon the irony that he is incarcerated within the city cradle of Britain's most famous civil rights campaigner, William Wilberforce.