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South Korea
Landmarks of Seoul, the 2nd largest metropolitan city in the world and an Alpha World City
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeLandmarks of Seoul, the 2nd largest metropolitan city in the world and an Alpha World City - Credit: Gilad Rom, stari4ek, Cheong gye Cheon official website, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Sakoku, Salalucio, Kim An-Soo
South Korea on the world map
Creative Commons AttributionSouth Korea on the world map - Credit: Seb az86556

Nea So Copros is based in present day South Korea, and many of the characteristics of Nea So Copros are nightmarish exaggerations of South Korea’s current system of aggressively capitalist government.  Between 1960 and 1990, South Korea boasted the fastest growing economy in the world, and it was recently recognised as the world’s most innovative country. The Republic of Korea was at one stage infamous for its system of crony capitalism in which vast family businesses like Samsung, LG and Hyundai were state sponsored. Indeed in Nea So Copros, state and business work hand in glove to create a murderous 'corpocracy'.

Perhaps the most alarming parallel is the fact that the South Korean government once sponsored its own revolutionary movement. By this means they were able to monitor seditious activity, as well as consolidate support by unifying citizens against a common enemy.  

Much of the action takes places in the capital Seoul and South Korea's second largest city Pusan. The corpocratic hierarchy of Nea So Copros is presented in diagrammatic form below.


Corpocratic Hierarchy of Nea So Copros
Public DomainCorpocratic Hierarchy of Nea So Copros - Credit: Geoff Mills