"to tilt the scranlet of his plough"
English Wooden Plough
GNU Free Documentation LicenseEnglish Wooden Plough - Credit: 100yen, Wikimedia Commons

Stella Gibbons enjoyed making-up* her own words, particularly ‘dialect’ words.  Scranlet is one of many words she created to describe various aspects of rural life.  She also liked combining real words to create new, imaginary concepts such as ford-piece, hoot-piece, midden-rail, pruning snoot, rennet-post.


*Words have been considered ‘made-up’ when they do not appear in either the Oxford English Dictionary (O.E.D.) or  the Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect & Collection of Provincialisms in the Country of Sussex (1875) by the Rev. W.D. Parish.  They may conceivably be noted in other dialect dictionaries, or have been part of an oral tradition.