"for the Orient-Star-in-the-West Society on Tuesdays, and for the Spiritist Investigators’ League on Fridays"
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'History of Spiritualism' (1926)
Public DomainSir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'History of Spiritualism' (1926) - Credit: Fran6fran6, Wikimedia Commons

Although it is not quite clear what kind of organization Stella Gibbons has in mind when she refers to 'the Orient-Star-in-the-West Society', the title 'Spiritist Investigators' League' suggests an organization for those interested in Spiritualism and psychic phenomena. Whilst Gibbons appears in this extract to be lampooning such ideas, her biographer Reggie Oliver notes that in later life she took an interest in the work of the Religious Experiences Research Unit, founded by Sir Alister Hardy in 1969. She also joined the Society for Psychical Research after hearing that they had an account of a post-death visitation by the novelist and literary critic C.S. Lewis.