"Flora pounced on some books which lay on the broad window-sill: Macaria, or Altars of Sacrifice, by A. J. Evans-Wilson; Home Influence, by Grace Aguilar; Did She Love Him?, by James Grant, and How She Loved Him, by Florence Marryat"

Four real Victorian Novelists: Augusta J. Evans Wilson (1835-1909); Grace Aguilar (1816-1847); James Grant (1822-1887) and Florence Marryat (1833-1899), and four genuine examples of their work. (There is a small mistake: the actual title of Marryat's novel is How They Loved Him.) Stella Gibbons notes that Flora Poste 'liked Victorian novels', which was also true of Stella herself who may well be parodying something of their lush, over-ripe style in Cold Comfort Farm.