"I’ve got seventy-four photographs o’ Lotta Funchal"

Seth Starkadder's list of 'actresses' he has photos of includes Lotta Funchal, Jenny Carrol, Laura Vallee, Carline Heavytree, Sigrid Maelstrom and Pamela Baxter, all of which, like Marie Rambeau (an 'actress' mentioned later on), appear to be made-up names.

There was a real Hollywood actress called Sigrid Gurie who starred alongside Gary Cooper in the 1938 production The Adventures of Marco Polo, although her acting career started too late to be the inspiration for Stella Gibbons's Sigrid Maelstrom. It is possible that Gibbons chose a Scandinavian name because of the actress Greta Garbo who starred in Hollywood films between 1920 and 1941.

Other famous actresses of the period include Carole Lombard, Myrna Loy and Jean Harlow.