"the face of Sir Henry Wood when pausing to contemplate some late-comers into the stalls at the Queen’s Hall just as his baton was raised to conduct the first bar of the ‘Eroica’ "
Caricature of Sir Henry Wood
Public DomainCaricature of Sir Henry Wood - Credit: Leslie Ward
Queen's Hall commemorative plaque
Public DomainQueen's Hall commemorative plaque - Credit: Man vyi

 Henry Wood (1869-1944) was an English orchestral conductor whose name has become synonymous with the 'Proms'.  After his death, they became known as 'the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts'.


The Queen's Hall was a concert hall in London.  It was destroyed in the Blitz in 1941.


The Eroica (Italian for heroic) is Beethoven's Symphony No.3 in E flat major. Listen on Spotify.


Drawing of The Queen's Hall in 1893
Public DomainDrawing of The Queen's Hall in 1893 - Credit: Anon.