"Had not Victorian Vista, the scathing life of Thomas Carlyle, dropped stone cold last year from the presses"


Thomas Carlyle
Public DomainThomas Carlyle - Credit: Thomas Johnson
James Anthony Froude caricatured in Punch, December, 1882
Public Domain James Anthony Froude caricatured in Punch, December, 1882 - Credit: Edward Linley Sambourne

 Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) was a Scottish writer, essayist, and historian.  He was brought up in a strictly Calvinist household, but as an adult he rejected his Christian faith. His non-Christian viewpoint and his complex and challenging style of thought made him a popular author with sections of the Victorian reading public.

Although Victorian Vista is a made-up title, a controversial biography of Thomas Carlyle was written by his friend James Anthony Froude (1818-1894) under the title Life of Carlyle.  The first volume was published in 1882.