"Agony Beetle and the jazz-band arrived with their arms full of nasturtiums, sweet-william and cherry-pie"
Heliotropium peruvianum: one kind of 'cherry-pie'
GNU Free Documentation LicenseHeliotropium peruvianum: one kind of 'cherry-pie' - Credit: Kor!An, Wikimedia Commons

 Cherry-pie is a common name given to flowers of the Borage family such as Heliotropium peruvianum, as they have a scent reminiscent of cherries baked in a pie. It is also sometimes used as a common name for Hairy Willow-herb (Epilobium hirsutum) which is also known as Codlins-and-Cream.


Epilobium hirsutum: Another kind of 'cherry-pie'
GNU Free Documentation LicenseEpilobium hirsutum: Another kind of 'cherry-pie' - Credit: Frank Vincentz, Wikimedia Commons