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Page 146. " visit the Pit Theatre, in Stench Street, Seven Dials, to see a new play by Brandt Slurb called ‘Manallalive-O!' "

Stella Gibbons satirises what she describes as 'Neo-Expressionist' drama.

Neo-expressionism currently exists as a term to describe a movement in the fields of painting and sculpture, but this only emerged in the 1970s. Gibbons was ahead of her time here, coining the futuristic term to represent a development of the Expressionist movement, an early 20th century cultural movement in poetry, art, music and drama.

Expressionism placed particular emphasis on expressing emotions and the concept of 'being alive', a feature of the movement which is suggested by the name of Gibbons's imaginary play. It was particularly popular in Berlin in the 1920s, which might account for the unlikely German name (Brandt Slurb) of the imaginary playwright.

Seven Dials is home to several theatres in London's West End.  "Stench Street", unsurprisingly, does not exist.