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Page 216. " Flora repressed the unworthy reflection that it reminded her of a White sale at Messrs Marshall & Snelgrove's "
Marshall & Snelgrove advertisement (1919)
Public DomainMarshall & Snelgrove advertisement (1919) - Credit: unknown

 Marshall & Snelgrove was a chain of department stores. Their first branch opened on Oxford Street, London, in 1851, and branches were later opened in fashionable resorts such as Harrogate and Scarborough.

The company was bought by Debenhams and Freebody (later Debenhams) in 1919, although the name Marshall and Snelgrove continued to be used. In 1974, the Oxford street premises were completely re-built, and their name changed to Debenhams.

A White Sale is a sale of household linen, such as sheets and towels.