"the blue agapanthus, the wild watsonia, and the red-hot poker"
Public DomainWatsonia - Credit: Andrew Massyn

These perennial, flowering plants are all native to South Africa. 

Watsonia belong to the iris family and grow up to 2m high, producing long stems laden with trumpet-like flowers. 

Red hot poker
Public DomainRed hot poker - Credit: Chris

Red Hot Pokers, or torch lilies, are so named for their spikes of upright, brightly-colored, red-to-orange flowers, which are rich in nectar and very attractive to hummingbirds and orioles. 

Agapanthus is an evergreen leafy plant that produces large globes of funnel-shaped flowers, in blue, purple or white. The name Agapanthus is derived from the Greek agapé love and anthos, flower. The Zulu and Xhosa have traditionally considered agapanthus to be a medicinal plant, associated with fertility and pregnancy. The Zulu also use it to treat heart disease, coughs, colds and chest pains.

Public DomainAgapanthus - Credit: Chris