Page 214. " He came to my home in Krugersdorp "
Krugersdorp Town Hall
Creative Commons AttributionKrugersdorp Town Hall - Credit: Admiral Horthy

Krugersdorp was established during the late 1880s and early 1890s, largely by white, English-speaking ‘pioneer’ miners from various South African mining towns, and from countries such as the UK and Australia.  They tended to be itinerant workers, moving between mining centres across the British Empire, Southern Africa and United States.  By the late 1890s, growing numbers of middle class people were settling in the town, giving it a more respectable reputation. 

The town, originally named for President Paul Kruger, has in recent decades been renamed Mogale City, in recognition of a much older history.  Chief Mogale and his tribe, the Po, were traders and miners of gold long before white people settled in the area.