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Page 34. " this beautiful Parktown with its beautiful houses "
The View
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book DrumThe View - Credit: Shannon

The elite suburb of Parktown was established in 1893, on a ridge overlooking the burgeoning city of Johannesburg.  Streets were laid out along the natural contours of the ridge, to retain the ‘country feel.’  The suburb was administered as a private, company-owned estate, outside the city limits, until 1904.

Lionel Phillips was the owner of Parktown’s first residence – a 40 room mansion called Hohenheim, on a 20 acre site, which became the venue for some of Johannesburg finest social gatherings.  The building was demolished in the 1970s.

Hazeldene Hall, Parktown
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHazeldene Hall, Parktown - Credit: Steamhunter

Other notable Parktown mansions, which have survived the century largely intact, include:


The View, built in 1896 for Thomas Major Cullinan, of Cullinan Diamond fame,

Emoyeni, built in 1905 for The Honourable Henry Hull, in a style inspired by Sir Christopher Wren,

Hazeldene Hall, completed for coal magnate Charles Jerome in 1907, and

Northwards, built by Sir Herbert Baker for mining magnate John Dale Lace.  Zebras were stabled on the property, to pull Mrs Dale Lace’s coach.       

Northwards, Johannesburg
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNorthwards, Johannesburg - Credit: Dan David Golding