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Page 61. " Pimville, which is a village of half-tanks used as houses "
Soweto, with the Orlando cooling towers in the background
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSoweto, with the Orlando cooling towers in the background - Credit: Michael Denne

In 1904 there was a suspected outbreak of bubonic plague among the residents of Brickfields, a slum area on the edge of Johannesburg.  Black inhabitants were evacuated from the area and relocated to Klipspruit farm, nearly 20 kms south-west of Johannesburg. 

A portion of the Klipsruit population was housed in emergency shelters left over from the South African war - V-shaped corrugated iron huts that the locals called e-Tenki. Many of these shelters were still in use a generation later. 

In 1934 a section of Klipspruit was renamed Pimville, and developed as a ‘middle-class’ black suburb. Today, Pimville is a suburb of Soweto.