Bold as brass
Requiring or exhibiting courage and bravery.
A diminutive person; a dwarf, pygmy, or midget.. A person of small or childish mind; a silly, finicky, or puerile person.
To remove carbon from an engine
Front axle
The rod on which the front wheel of a car turns
Originally Wall Street slang for "streetcorner broker," attested later as "street urchin," also "one who gathers rags and paper from gutters".
Very dark, derives from a substance called pitch which is black.
Plumb crazy
Absolutely crazy. The "plumb" refers to a plumb bob which is a carpenter's tool, a small weight tied to a string used for measuring. As a plumb bob points downright to absolute centre, its informal meaning is downright or absolute.
Poachers bottom
A reference to the speckled and pocked appearance of a poacher's rear behind due to the removal of lead shot fired by gamekeepers.
A rascal. Word derives from earlier historical word rascallion, from rascal.
To settle down for rest or sleep. Pheasants roost after eating late in the day, just after sunset.
Having great beauty and splendor