Page 405. " We varied the legal character of these proceedings by going to see some perspiring Wax-work "

Waxwork exhibits were very popular, and Charles Dickens writes about these more extensively in The Old Curiosity Shop (1840-1841).

Perhaps the best known wax exhibition was that of Madame Tussaud's (1761-1850), who began her career as a wax sculptress under the training of Philippe Curtius (1741-1794). His first waxwork exhibit had been in 1770 Paris.

The French Revolution prompted her to move to England, where she established her first waxwork exhibition in London in 1835.

Page 405. " visiting Miss Linwood's Exhibition "

Miss Linwood’s Exhibition showed needlework copies of the paintings of the Old Masters.


Page 416. " I measured Dora's finger for a ring that was to be made of Forget-me-nots "

Forget-me-not flower
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeForget-me-not flower - Credit: Wilder Kaiser
In England, the ring is usually worn on the left hand of the bride-to-be, while engaged women in other countries sometimes wear the ring on the right hand. Forget-me-nots were intended to symbolize true love and remembrance.