Page 532. " Let me stand aside, to see the phantoms of those days go by me, accompanying the shadow of myself, in dim procession. "
Public DomainPhantoms  - an illustration by John Leech

Reminiscent of Ebenezer Scrooge who revisits the past with the help of a ghost in one of Dickens' most famous works A Christmas Carol (1843).

Page 540. " She had a cousin in the Life Guards "

The Life Guards are a senior cavalry regiment of the British Army. They are part of the Household Cavalry.

Page 550. " I wrote a good deal now, and was beginning in a small way to be known as a writer "

Dickens began his professional work as a writer with the publication of his story, “A Dinner at Poplar Walk,” which was published in the periodical, Monthly Magazine.

He continued his writing career as a political journalist for the Morning Chronicle, and some of the pieces he wrote for this magazine appeared in 1836 as his first published collection of sketches. Notice of these sketches led to his being approached to write his first serialized novel, The Pickwick Papers (1836-1837).