Page 654. " And now, indeed, I began to think that in my old association of her with the stained-glass window in the church, a prophetic foreshadowing of what she would be to me, in the calamity that was to happen in the fullness of time, had found a way into my mind. "
Stained-glass Window
Creative Commons Attribution - Credit: Steven Bennett
Stained-glass windows usually depict saints, and thus this description would seem to equate Agnes with sainthood. One is reminded also of Saint Agnes, a virgin martyr and saint of the Roman Catholic Church.
Page 665. " 'He was ailing a long time—a shattered, broken man, these many years. When he knew his state in this last illness, he asked them to send for me. He was sorry then. Very sorry.' "
Miss Havisham
Public DomainMiss Havisham

His opportunistic behaviour reminds us of the fortune hunter who jilts Miss Havisham in Great Expectations (1860-1861).