"He assigns the first cantos of Don Juan and ends the class early."

 Widely considered to be Byron's masterpiece, Don Juan is a satirical re-telling of the famous legend. While traditionally, Don Juan is portrayed as a womaniser, Byron turns this idea on its head painting Juan as an innocent easily seduced by predatory women.

Comprising of eighteen cantos in all, the epic poem remained unfinished at the time of Byron's death in 1824. The full text can be read online, here.

Aside from Byron's work, the character of Don Juan has been well represented in all areas of the arts. The illustration on the right refers to Charles Bauldelaire's poem, Don Juan In Hell. The 1934 film, The Private Life of Don Juan, based on the play L'homme à la Rose, cast a satirical eye over the myth, with Douglas Fairbanks playing an ageing version of the ladykiller.