"For as long as he can remember, the harmonies of The Prelude have echoed within him."
The River Derwent, Cockermouth, Lake District
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe River Derwent, Cockermouth, Lake District - Credit: Ann Hodgson



Wordsworth's home, Rydal Mount, Cumbria
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeWordsworth's home, Rydal Mount, Cumbria - Credit: Marion Dutcher

At the age of twenty eight, William Wordsworth began work on an untitled autobiographical poem about the growth of a poet's mind. It wasn't published until after his death in 1850, under the title of The Prelude, a name chosen by his widow, Mary.





Wordsworth was brought up in one of the most scenic areas of England, the Lake District, and his relationship with nature would prove hugely influential in his poetic work. The excerpt from the documentary discusses the influence of nature on Wordsworth, with particular reference to The Prelude.  


The entire text of The Prelude, Books 1-44 is available here.