"Do you remember together we visited the spring of Arquà?"


Retreat at Arquà Petrarca
Creative Commons AttributionRetreat at Arquà Petrarca - Credit: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

Arquà is a town, known as Arquà Petrarca since 1860, due its connections with the Renaissance poet and scholar, Petrarch. Petrarch developed the famous Petrarchan sonnet, a form which went on to be used in many well known poems. 



House of Petrarch, Arquà Petrarca
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHouse of Petrarch, Arquà Petrarca - Credit: Giorgia









The house where Petrarch lived for much his life in Arquà is now a museum. Byron is known to have made a visit to the house as part of his tour of Italy, in 1819.