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Page 186. " He could fly to Venice tomorrow, catch a train to Ravenna "

Ravenna, situated in the Emilia-Romagna region of central Italy, became capital of the Western Roman Empire in 402 AD. It subsequently came under Ostrogothic and Byzantine rule, and the early Christian monuments of the city were collectively awarded World Heritage status in 1996.


Piazza del Popolo
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePiazza del Popolo - Credit: Roger Wollstadt


Byron lived here between 1819 and 1821 with his mistress, Teresa, Contessa Guiccioli. The first five cantos of Don Juan were also written here.

In 1321, Dante, in exile from his home-town of Florence, died in Ravenna. His remains are buried in a specially designed tomb. 


Dante's Tomb, Ravenna
Creative Commons AttributionDante's Tomb, Ravenna - Credit: Husky