""Thou seest that I am one who weeps," he answered"

Virgil pushing Filippo Argenti from the boat
Public DomainVirgil pushing Filippo Argenti from the boat - Credit: William Blake

(Canto 8, line 36)

This is Filippo Argenti de Cavicciuoli, a member of the Florintine Guelf Adimari clan, a Black party supporter and thus a political opponent of Dante. A knight possessing considerable riches, he is said to have received the nickname "Argenti", "silver", after shoeing his horse with silver. He is remembered as a man of imposing build, warrior-like bearing and explosive temper, and is mentioned by name in Boccaccio's Decameron. It is also likely that the knight in Novelle nr. 114 by Franco Sacchetti refers to him - where, interestingly, Dante himself is portrayed as a rather difficult character. According to tradition, Filippo is supposed to once have slapped Dante, and another member of the Adimari family is said to have taken possession of Dante's belongings and/or contributed to his banishment.