"Such as that ruin is which in the flank Smote, on this side of Trent, the Adige"

(Canto 12, lines 4-5)

This refers to the famous landslide Slavini di Marco, located south of the city Rovereto by the river Adige in northern Italy. The catastrophe creating this landmark is recorded by 13th century philosopher Albertus Magnus in his work "De Meteoris". Historical records indicate it might have been in 883 that a hill called Zugna Torta slid into the Adige between the cities of Marco and Mori a short distance south of Rovereto. Dante may have seen the site with his own eyes: after his banishment, he seeked refuge with the Scaligeri family, lords of Verona, and is said to have lived for some time in Castello di Lizzana, (now also known as Castello di Dante) belonging to Count Castelbarco, from where it would be possible to see the landslide.