"This one is Nessus, Who perished for the lovely Dejanira"

Nessus and Deianeira
Public DomainNessus and Deianeira - Credit: Guido Reni

(Canto 12, lines 67-68)

When the centaur Nessus carried Hercules' wife Deianeira across the river Euenos, he suddenly fell in love with her and tried to carry her off. Hercules then shot him with an arrow dipped in the poison of the Lernaean Hydra. Before he died, Nessos gave his bloodied shirt to Deianeira, tricking her into believing that whoever put this shirt on would fall in love with her. Later, when Hercules had fallen in love with the Oechalian princess Iole, Deianeira let him put on the shirt to regain his love for herself, which however led to Hercules' death.