"And if he wearied out by turns the others In Mongibello at the swarthy forge"

Public DomainVulcan - Credit: Peter Paul Rubens

(Canto 14, lines 55-56)

According to tradition, Vulcan, the "smith of Jove", had his smithy at Mt. Etna, (in Italian also known as Mongibello, a name derived from Arabic) where he manufactured Jove's lightning bolts with the help of Cyclopes ("the others" mentioned here). "The fight of Phlegra" further down refers to Zeus' war against the Giants as they tried to climb Mt. Olympus. According to this myth, the Giants tried to overthrow the gods of Mt. Olympus by stacking the mountain ranges Thessaly, Ossa and Pelion on each other and chase the Gods down - in the end they were defeated by Zeus instead.