"added the name of his kingdom and homeland"
Illustration from 1508 edition
Public DomainIllustration from 1508 edition


   Cervantes' huge knowledge of chivalric romances is shown by the many references to their stories and characters made throughout Don Quixote.  Among the most important of these, and Quixote's chief rolemodel both in adopting his knightly title as well as other things, is Amadis de Gaula.  A landmark chilvaric romance it passed through the hands of many authors, being rooted in earlier legends, before being drawn together and published by Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo in the early 16th century.  Several direct parallels in later chapters suggest that Amadis was one of the chief targets of Don Quixote's satire.

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Online edition of Robert Southey's abridged English translation (1803)